As for hookup, I assuming that something implemented since you left the company. you probably thought I meant discount, but basically now we get weekly reports on our sales numbers and hookup % is the percentage of your sales where your customer bought additional merch. Like socks, tee shirt, jackets, sweat suit etc. I don think all stores as heavy on it as some, but the one I work at is really high volume and managers really stress it.

Pull out all the stops for a "White Tie" event. Gentlemen are required to wear white tie, vest and a tail suit while ladies should wear a long ball gown. This attire designation is used for only the most formal of affairs, such as a dinner with a political or international dignitary.

In The Tale of the CrossEyed Lefthander Golden Goose Sneakers from Tula and the Steel Flea (known simply as or a tsar, when visiting England, is given a gift: a tiny steel flea that dances when turned on by a key. Impressed by the ingenuity of his hosts but bursting with nationalist pride, he was sure Russian craftsmen could outwit the English. The challenge to produce a more impressive invention was issued to gunsmiths in Tula, Russia 17thCentury ironworking capital.

The accelerometer in the Nike+ sensor detects when a person's foot is on the ground. When someone is standing still or walking slowly, his feet spend more time touching the earth than in the air. But when jogging or sprinting, his feet spend less and less time on the ground. The faster he runs, the less time his feet spend in contact with the surface under them. Because of this basic trait of walking and running, a processor can use equations to convert contact time into running speed. The process is the most accurate when runners calibrate their sensors by running a preset distance so get a baseline reading.


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